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In order to view QuickTime VR panoramas, you need QuickTime on your computer. You can get QuickTime for the Macintosh and Windows by clicking on the button to the left.

QuickTimeVR Authoring Tricks

These techniques are useful for the QuickTimeVR author. You'll also find calculators and software.

Definition of Panorama Resolution

How do you measure the resolution of a panorama? How do you compare the resolution of different kinds of panoramas? The answer is pixels per degree. I have seen panoramas that range in resolution from 1 pixel per to degree up to 50 pixels per degree. Standard QuickTime VR panoramas tend to be about 5.5 pixels per degree, while web-optimized panoramas tend to be about 3 pixels per degree. This link explains how to compute the resolution in pixels per degree in a way that is well-defined across different kinds of panoramas.

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QuickTimeVR Cylindrical Panoramas

I captured these panoramas during April 1998 to test out a new stitcher:

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These panoramas I captured while on vacation in Paris and Cannes during September 1995.

 QuickTimeVR Cubic Panoramas

I captured these panoramas during April 1998 to test out a new multirow stitcher.

They need to be viewed with QuickTime 5.

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