Ken's Full Field of View QuickTimeVR Panoramas

QuickTime 5 introduced full field of view panoramas. These are called cubic or spherical panoramas, and they totally enclose space, thus allowing you to look straight up or down as well as all around.

You can download QuickTime 5, which allows you to view the new cubic panoramas. If you instead view with QuickTime 4, your views will be limited and somewhat distorted.

Quick Panorama Access Here - Previews Below

Sanctus Francisco -- front
Sanctus Francisco -- middle
Sanctus Francisco -- back
the basilica of Sanctus Francisco, adjacent to Mission Dolores (San Francisco)
Mission Dolores -- front
Mission Dolores -- altar
Mission Dolores -- middle
Mission Dolores (San Francisco)
Memorial Church -- front
Memorial Church -- center
Memorial Church -- right balcony, front
Memorial Church -- right balcony, back
Memorial Church -- organ loft
Stanford University's Memorial Church (Stanford, California)
African Hall
African Watering Hole
California Hall
Dinosaur Hall #1
Dinosaur Hall #2
California Academy of Sciences Lobby
views from inside the California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)
Fort Point
by the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)
Herbst Theatre
view from the audience (San Francisco)
Hyatt Lobby -- by escalator
Hyatt Lobby - by lounge
Hyatt Lobby -- by concierge
lobby of the San Francisco Hyatt Hotel


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 last updated 2/16/02