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QuickTime VR Authoring Studio
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Apple Stitch cylindrical panoramas; make QTVR panorama and object movies; edit hot spots; make multi-node QTVR scenes; project manager. Macintosh
QuickTime VR Authoring Studio Update 1.01 Apple Fix some QTVRAS bugs. Macintosh
QuickTime VR Authoring Studio 160 patch me Raises the restriction on QTVR lens FOV from 120° to 160°. Macintosh
Stitcher RealViz Stitch (multi-row) cylindrical, cubic, and spherical panoramas; make QuickTime VR panorama movies. Macintosh
Panorama Tools
mirror.us (w/fixes)
Helmut Dersch Stitch perspective or fisheye images; make cylindrical, spherical or cubic panoramas; convert between different kinds of panoramas; correct for barrel distortion, chromatic aberration, etc. Macintosh
PTGUI New House Internet Services A GUI front end for the powerful Panorama Tools, written by Joost Nieuwenhuijse. Windows
PTAssembler ePaperPress A GUI front end for the powerful Panorama Tools, written by Max Lyons. Windows
PTMac Kekus Digital A GUI front end for the powerful Panorama Tools Macintosh
Hugin SourceForge A multi-platform GUI front end for the powerful Panorama Tools. Windows
VR Worx VR Toolbox Stitch cylindrical panoramas; make object movies; make object in panorama; transition movie between panoramas. Macintosh
Panoweaver EasyPano Sticth fisheyes to create spherical or equirectangular panoramas. Windows
Tourweaver EasyPano Link spherical & cylindrical panoramas, still images, map & compass together with hotspots to build a web based virtual tour deployed as an applet. Windows
PanoPoints SourceForge Graphical front-end to the control point selection process necessary to create panoramic images using Panorama Tools. Linux
PhotoVista iseemedia Sticth perspective images, producing cylindrical, spherical and cubic images. Macintosh
Interactive Studio iPix Stitch fisheye images, producing various spherical, QTVR cubic, or Shockwave formats. Macintosh
PixMaker PixAround Stitch perspective images, producing cylindrical or flat or montage output.. Windows
360 Panorama Professional 360 Degrees of Freedom Stitch perspective images and create virtual tours. Windows
3D Vista Stitcher 3DVista Stitch perspective or fisheye images, producing cylindrical, cubic, spherical or flat output. Windows
Panorama Factory Smoky City Design Stitch perspective images. Windows
PanoPost Kaidan A post-processing tool to adjust circumferential and polar overlap for scans from slit-scan panoramic cameras. Macintosh
PhotoWarp EyeSee360 A converter from one-shot annular images (from cameras with one-shot reflective optics) and other formats into several panorama formats. Macintosh
Enblend Andrew Mihal Multiresolution blend virtually eliminates seams. Windows
XBlend Kekus Digital Multiresolution blend virtually eliminates seams. Macintosh
DeFish Ken Turkowski Convert fisheye images into perspective, hemicube, or cylindrical images. Macintosh
deliVRator VR Tools Analyze and optimize QuickTime VR panoramas, including multtinodes. Indispensable! Macintosh
conVRter VR Tools Convert between version 1 and 2 cylindrical panoramas. Macintosh
Live Stage Pro Totally Hip Software Add wired actions and sound. Macintosh
MapSaVR Squamish Media Group Enhance QuickTime VR panoramas with directional indicators and maps. Macintosh
SoundSaVR Squamish Media Group Add directional stereo sound to QuickTime VR panoramas. Macintosh
RevolVR Squamish Media Group Make your panoramas rotate automatically. Macintosh
NodeSaVR Squamish Media Group Split a multinode QuickTime VR movie into single nodes for web delivery. Macintosh
MakeCubic Apple Convert equirectangular or cubic faces into cubic QuickTime VR movies; set viewing parameters, hot spot names & links. Macintosh
PanoCube PanoShow Convert equirectangular to cubic QTVR movies. Windows
PanoCube Plus PanoShow Convert equirectangular to cubic QTVR movies -- AND MORE! Windows
QTVR Edit Object Apple Set parameters for QTVR Object movies: column and row settings, pan & tilt controls, auto-play and animate settings. Macintosh
QTVR Pano To Thumbnail Apple Create a thumbnail-sized linear QuickTime movie out of your QTVR panorama. Macintosh
QTVR Make Panorama Apple Create QuickTime VR panoramas from panoramic PICT images. Macintosh
DeJitter me Remove jitter from object movies. Macintosh
Cubic Converter Click Here Design Converts various types of images into (and out of) cubic format QuickTime VR movies. Macintosh
Cubic Connector Click Here Design Links cubic QuickTime VR panoramas into multi-node movies or HTML-linked single node movies. Macintosh
PhotoVista iSeeMedia Stitch panoramas, integrate with audio, 3D objects, and zoomable images. Windows
VR Hot Wires Deep Forest Multimedia A QuickTime VR post production tool and wired editor Macintosh
Cool360 ULead Panorama stitcher Windows
Panorama Factory Panorama Factory Panorama stitcher Windows
PAGEot QTBridge Generates EMBED and OBJECT tags Macintosh
Lillipot QT Bridge Flatten and add FastStart to your QuickTime movies. Macintosh
VR Pleinpot QT Bridge Creates HTML pages to display QTVR panoramas in full screen, add sound, and show/hide controller. Macintosh
PanoCube PanoShow Convert equirectangular or cubic faces into cubic QuickTime VR movies; set viewing parameters, hot spot names & links. Windows
Flexify Flaming Pear Photoshop plug-in to convert between dozens of spherical projectsions. Can also me used to make mesmerizing distortions of ordinary images. Macintosh
Photoshop Actions Fred Miranda Fred Miranda's Photoshop actions Macintosh
QTVR2MOV Ian James Wood Convert cubic panoramas to linear movies. Macintosh
jhead Matthias Wandel Display and modify EXIF data from digital camera images. Windows
Poly Pedagoguery Software Visualizations of Polyhedra. This doesn't really belong, but it's as much fun as Flexify to play with, I couldn't resist! Macintosh


Vendor Products and Features
Kaidan Manufacturer of panoramic pan/tilt heads and object capture devices. Distributor of most QuickTime VR hardware and software.
PanoScan Slit-scan panorama cameras for capturing high resolution cylindrical and spherical panoramas without stitching.
Autolycos Automated object movie capture with a DV camera.
Peace River Studios Panoramic heads & object rigs
EyeSee360 360° cylindrical one-shot panorama optics [Macintosh software]
BeHere 360° cylindrical one-shot panorama optics [Windows software]
Remote Reality 360° cylindrical one-shot panorama optics [Windows software]
0-360.com 360° cylindrical one-shot panorama optics, produicing QTVR, JPG and IVR output files. [Macintosn and Windows software]
iMove Multi-camera panoramic video
Enroute Multi-camera panoramic video
BLS Designs AccuPan - hardware for photographing panoramas and objects
Digital Cybernetics Motion-tracking head-mounted QTVR displays
Spheron Slit-scan panorama cameras for capturing high resolution cylindrical and spherical panoramas without stitching. Supports capture of HDR (high dynamic range) images.

How to make Panoramas

Resource Description
QuickTime VR Authoring Tricks Calculators for:
  • determining the field of view from the lens focal length
  • determining the zoom ratio corresponding to 1:1 zooming
  • determining tilt limits for asymmetrical panoramas
  • determining panorama pan and tilt ranges
  • determining the number of photographs necessary to achieve the desired overlap
  • determining the tilt range for uncorrected panoramas
  • cropping cylindrical panoramas

How to:

  • determine the resolution of a panorama in pixels per degree
  • apply an alpha-masked overlay to a QuickTime VR panorama
Virtual Reality Photography Pioneering VR photographer Scott Highton's online resource for information about interactive photography, immersive imaging and photographic virtual reality. VR photography articles, information, case studies, tutorials and technical information on VR photography.
Field of view and panorama production calculator Frank van der Pol's field of view and panorama production calculator
Cubic hotspot tutorial How to make hotspots for cubic movies
QuickTime VR Demystified Information on creating QTVR panoramas
Apple's QuickTimeVR Apple's links to software, hardware and resources for producing QuickTime VR movies
Apple's QuickTime Tools and Utilities Apple's free QuickTime production tools
International QuickTime VR Association International Association for Panoramic Photography intended to be viewed interactively on a computer-like device.
QTVR sites NYU's Multimedia library, by Diana Schwartz
Panorama Tools Tutorial Kathy Wheeler's Tutorials
Panorama Tools Tutorials Peter Murphy's Panorama Tools Tutorial
ReMap David Sheehy's remap resource center
QTVR for Educators and Just Plain Folks Mark Christal's tutorial on making QuickTime VR movies
Pony Boy's QTVR Home by Pony Boy
Guide to Panoramas and Panoramic Photography James Riggs Pano Guide
Converting spherical tto cylindrical panoramas Ted Chavalas' tutorial on converting spherical PanoScan images to QuickTime VR cylindrical panoramic movies
Tips and tutorials for shooting and stitching and using panoramas Philo Hurbain's tips
Useful items Useful items for QTVR
Apple's Authoring Tutorials Newbie intro.
QuickTime Documentation Detailed documentation about QuickTime.
Sample Chapter from QuickTime for the Web EMBED and OBJECT tags
QuickTiming.org QuickTime news
Lens Calculator SLR Lens Calculator by Gyre Technology

Other Links Collections

Landis Bennet's Links collection Panorama Authoring Links from the International QuickTime VR Association

Links to some QuickTime VR panorama showcase sites


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