Computer Graphics Links

People who have influenced me
Al Barr geometry, transformations
Alvy Ray Smith color, texture-mapping, fractals, …
Alyn Rockwood geometry
Andrew Glassner graphics
Andy van Dam graphics
Andy Witkin dynamics, constraints
Brian Barsky geometry
Brian Curless image based rendering
Brian Guenter
Carl Rosendahl animation
Carlo Sequin
Charles Loop geometric modeling
Charles Poynton color, video
Chris Bregler image-based rendering
Craig Reynolds behavior, games
David Eberly the mathematics of graphics
Dave Forsey geometric modeling
David Baraff dynamics, constraints
David Salesin
Demetri Terzopoulos dynamics
Don Brutzman
Donald Greenberg global illumination
Ed Catmull
Elaine Cohen geometric modeling
Eric Chen global illumination, image-based rendering
Eugene Fiume
François Sillion global illumination
Frank Crow anti-aliasing
Fredo Durand global illumination
Gabriel Taubin geometry
Gary Bishop image-based rendering
Gary Demos video
Gary Meyer BDRF's
Gavin Bell VRML
Gavin Miller rendering, stories
George Drettakis global illumination
Georges Winkenbach non-photorealistic rendering
Gerald Farin geometric modeling
Glenn Entis animation
Greg Turk teture mapping
Greg Ward (Larson) global illumination
Hans-Peter Seidel geometric modeling
Harry Shum computer vision, image-based rendering
Helmut Dersch Panorama Tools
Henry Fuchs
Holly Rushmeier global illumination
Hugues Hoppe polyhedron simplification
Jan Hardenbergh graphics hardware
Jarek Rossignac geometric modeling
Jessica Hodgins
Jim Blinn graphics tricks, applied math
Jim Kajiya rendering
John Funge behavior
John Peterson image processing and graphics
John Snyder
Jos Stam rendering, dynamics, applied mathematics
Jules Bloomenthal implicit surfaces
Julian Gomez
Julie Dorsey
Katsushi Ikeuchi computer vision
Ken Musgrave fractals
Ken Perlin graphics hacks and recreations (NYU)
Ken Turkowski image-based modeling and rendering
Kurt Fleischer
Lance Williams texture mapping, shadows, image-based rendering
Larry Yaeger
Leonard McMillan image-based modeling and rendering (MIT)
Long Quan computer vision
Loren Carpenter fractals, rendering
Mark Halstead geometric modeling
Marc Levoy volume rendering
Mark Wheeler computer vision
Martin Newell geometric modeling
Mary Whitton graphics hardware
Maureen Stone color
Michael Cohen global illumination
Michael Deering
Michael Kass dynamics, constraints
Mike Gleicher dynamics, constraints
Mike Potel
Mike Zyda
Ned Greene
Nelson Max global illumination, rendering
Nick England graphics hardware
Olivier Faugeras computer vision
Pat Hanrahan global illumination, applied mathematics
Paul Debevec image-based modeling (USC Inst. Creat. Tech.)
Paul Haeberli Grafica Obscura
Paul Heckbert rendering (CMU)
Peter Litwinowicz image-based rendering, special effects
Peter Schröder applied mathematics
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz plants
Radek Grzeszczuk image-based rendering
Rich Szeliski vision & image-based modeling (MSFT)
Richard Chuang
Richard F. Riesenfeld geometric modeling
Rida Farouki
Rob Cook shading
Robert Seidl geometric modeling, image-based modeling
Robert Sproull
Robin Forrest geometric modeling
Ronen Barzel
Rosalind Picard
Roy Hall
Seth Teller
Shree Nayar
Sing Bing Kang computer vision
Steve Gabriel
Steve Mann video
Steve Seitz image-based rendering
Thad Beier
Tom Defanti
Tom Sederberg
Turner Whitted
Tony DeRose geometry
Victor Klassen anti-aliasing
Victoria Interrante shape and field visualization
Yalin Xiong computer vision
Yoichi Sato computer vision

Institutions Related to Computer Graphics
Computer Science Bibliography main site, Germany
Eurographics European Association for Computer Graphics
Gamasutra Resources for Games Developers
Game Research and Technology Craig Reynolds' resources
Netlib Online Mathematics Software Library
QuickTime digital movies, images, sound, interactivity
QuickTimeVR immerse yourself into real worlds
Real Time Rendering Eric Haines' book's resources
SIGGRAPH ACM's Special Interest Group in Graphics
SIGGRAPH's Computer Graphics bibliography

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